When was the last time you got a call from the KGFS?

Today’s column is written by Marco Bizzarro.It is one of those questions which is easy to be answered but hard to answer precisely.We can be sure, for example, that the question about the last call for a KGFCS (Kansas Gas Service) service was answered in a single tweet.But there are many more such questions, some which we can answer in […]

How to get a refund on a TV licence for the wrong reason

How to find out if a TV license is valid and valid for the right reason.This is a guide to finding out if you need to take a TV Licence out of your home and pay a refund or get your TV service back.It can be very difficult to determine if you are eligible for a refund, or you may […]

When you buy gas, you pay a fee for the service, not the gas itself

Gas is expensive.For a lot of consumers, that means they pay a hefty fee for a service they don’t use.That fee can be as much as $150, or as little as $30 for a single charge.For some customers, it could be a small fee to add up to a big savings.But for others, it’s not a big deal.When you are […]

What’s in the new iPhone XS and XS Max?

A new iPhone, the iPhone X, is set to be launched next week, and the US Postal Service is already scrambling to find the perfect service to deliver it.But, while the new iPhones have a lot of good features, there are a lot more in store for the rest of us.Read more about iPhone X here.1 of 5 «Prev 1 […]

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