‘I am a very small person’: I am not only a Fitbit customer but also an ‘intellectual’ and ‘very smart’ person, Axios says

Fitbit says it has reached a $2 billion deal with startup Insys, which provides data analytics for the fitness trackers.Insys, based in San Francisco, will offer Fitbit a cloud-based platform that will allow it to access its vast database of health data.Fitbit, which recently acquired Jawbone, is the first wearable startup to partner with a tech firm that provides data […]

What’s next for you? It depends on what’s next

Google has finally launched an interactive service called Fitbit.That service allows users to track their fitness level on a scale from 0 to 100.If you’re like me, you’re excited about this service because it’s something I use on a regular basis.But what if you’re not?Here are some of the other reasons why you might not be happy with Fitbit: Fitbit […]

FITBIT customer service: ‘The most important thing is to not be a jerk’

A customer service representative at Fitbit has admitted that the company’s customer service is “not great” and “pretty awful”.In an article published on the Fitbit site, Ashley Hightower explained that “some of the issues that we’ve seen lately, the customer service representatives are not really responsive, and it’s a pretty terrible situation.”Hightowers claims that Fitbit’s customer support representatives are “extremely […]

‘Bachelor’ star: ‘I want to do more than just work’

“I want more than I’ve ever done before.I want to go to the movies and be the lead, the star.I’m a big movie star,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a wide-ranging interview.“I’m a movie star because I have so much fun.I get to go out and do a movie and it’s a huge deal for the company, and it […]

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