When you want to be able to see the weather, get your own weather station

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the new, innovative, and rather amazing weather station at the University of Georgia.Now, in the US, it’s available for a price.The weather station is called SkyCafe and it can see the sky, measure temperature and humidity, measure the pressure in the air, and even detect the sun’s position.It is, as the name suggests, […]

How to avoid service outages at AT&T service in Arizona

When AT&t customers are unable to use their phone, they are forced to rely on public WiFi hotspots to get a signal.The hotspots are often in areas where AT&ts own wireless towers, which means the towers have a high signal-to-noise ratio and thus provide a reliable signal.If you have to use public WiFi, make sure to use it outside your […]

When is my pet going to get my refund?

Athens services will help you get your pet’s refund in two simple steps: call us, or log in to your account.In both cases, we’ll issue a credit or debit card with a code for your pet to use to pay for your care, transportation and other services.If you’re not sure which service your pet needs, call your local PNC branch […]

‘Wasteful’ federal spending leaves Athens with $5.5bn deficit

The government of Greece is on the brink of insolvency, with a staggering $5 billion deficit.This is due to spending that should be earmarked for the public sector, according to a new report.The country is currently spending nearly a third of its annual budget on pensions and healthcare.But Greece has no plan to pay back the debt it owes to […]

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