How to protect yourself from carjackings and burglaries in California

The California Highway Patrol says it has more than 3,000 officers on the lookout for carjackers and burglars in the state’s rugged interior.On Monday, the department posted about 40 incidents involving vehicle-jackers.In most cases, the perpetrators were not armed, but had a tool with them, like a crowbar, or were carrying a weapon, such as a knife, pepper spray or […]

How to avoid a car accident with car service

Car service companies like CarFax, CarPilot and Car-Lite offer services that allow drivers to get rides for free.But it’s important to note that they’re not insured.Here’s what you need to know.

The best-kept secrets in financial services

A few days ago, a reader wrote to ask about the Best Buys for Families section. My wife and I were wondering how to find a Best Buy that fits our budget.Well, there are a lot of Best Buies in the U.S., but we were hoping to find one that would work for us.I was able to find Best Buy outlets […]

‘Weirdly, the Indian economy is a model of success’

India is the world’s biggest net importer of goods and services, but it is the largest recipient of unemployment benefits, a recent study by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) has found.The report, titled India: A model of prosperity, found that in 2015, the country’s unemployment benefits were worth about Rs 4.7 lakh crore ($7.1 billion) but only about Rs […]

Why the world is watching a manhunt for a man wanted in connection with a man who killed a police officer

BILLINGSVILLE, Texas (AP) Police in Texas are searching for a violent man wanted for the first time in more than a year after a police chase that led to a deadly shooting.Brenton Harris, 32, was taken into custody Monday night and was being held at the Texas State Prison in Brownsville.He was charged with capital murder and kidnapping in the […]

How to get rid of carpets

A new carpet cleaning service in a city like Dubai is being billed as a lifesaver.Dubai’s carpet cleaning is seen as the first step in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.The services aim to rid the streets of carpentry waste, with a focus on low- and middle-income areas.Dubailand’s Prime Minister Khaled Bahahmani launched a carpet cleaning project in 2017, […]

How to use the new app that helps you save time and money with food and beverages

We live in an age of “all or nothing” loyalty cards.They’re easy to get, but they’re hard to keep.The best ones come with rewards or they have a lifetime fee, but if you’re not a customer of the retailer, you can’t get them.There are, of course, a handful of card brands that offer rewards, but most are limited to one […]

What it means to be ‘the world’s most valuable company’ in 2024

The Washington, D.C. company that has become a symbol of the U.S. economy has been named the most valuable by Forbes magazine.Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Tulsa Power Holdings Inc. was ranked fifth, behind Exxon Mobil Corp., Walmart, Microsoft Corp. and General Electric Co. The Forbes ranking of the companies was released on Monday and was based on a list of companies’ market […]

“The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Best Home Theater System”

“It was my first experience with a digital media system and I was blown away by its quality and performance.After spending a year of living in a house without an internet connection and using Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Prime Instant Video for the first time, I was hooked.I’m now addicted to the new devices that allow me […]

Why your child is the ‘worst of the worst’ in a new report

By now, you’ve heard that children as young as three are the worst of the bad in a world where so many children die from preventable diseases.But a new study published by the journal Pediatrics reveals that kids who are sexually abused by their parents or caregivers are much more likely to die from their injuries.This study is the latest […]

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