Why New York’s Workforce Services are a Great Idea

By Amy Lacey | September 27, 2018 11:00:15New York City’s WorkForce services are an amazing idea.They are free and the company that provides them is not owned by anyone in the city.But as a former employee of a major NYC employer told me, the city’s workforce services have not been a success. The workforce services that we have had are not […]

What happens when you go to a store in Australia?

A store owner in the Gold Coast says he was shocked when he visited his local supermarket.He says he thought his wife and son were going to buy him a new pair of boots.But the only boots available to them were those on sale at the time.“They were sold out,” Mr Dickson said.“I called them and asked them to help […]

How to Get the Latest and Greatest Deals at Walgreens

Posted by TechCrunch Editor on September 20, 2018 04:00:24 You can get the latest and greatest deals on everything from food to groceries at the biggest grocery store in the world.Here are the top deals from September 2018.

How to fix your trash service bill

If you’re the kind of person who wants to get rid of your trash, you’ll probably want to use the free app Republic Trash Services to do it.The app is free to download and will keep tabs on your trash so you can choose what you want to keep, where you want it to go, and where it will go.The […]

How to make a difference with your favorite brand in the new Lyft app

The new Lyfts app is a great way to find and connect with your closest friends.Now you can use the app to find your favorite brands, as well as get recommendations for products you might want to try.Lyft is a popular travel app and now the app also has a new feature called Lyft Recommender, which lets you recommend products […]

How Honda moved its electric cars service from electric to electric cars

A company that operates a fleet of more than 20,000 electric cars, including the Chevy Bolt, the Toyota Prius Plug-in and a fleet that includes the Honda Civic Plug-In electric car, moved the service from gas to electric in 2015.Honda now offers a two-hour drive to any of its electric vehicles, which typically take about six minutes.A new service called […]

China’s ‘unacceptable’ high-speed internet throttling threatens U.S. jobs

China’s internet service providers are throttling data speeds and slowing internet traffic on mobile phones, according to U.N. estimates, according of a new report from the International Labor Organization.The U.K.-based International Labor Office said on Wednesday that Chinese internet service provider Huawei, China Telecom, and Tencent are among the “unacceptable” practices that are slowing or outright blocking access to the […]

What’s new in cardmember services in 2018

The 2017-2018 cardmember service cycle has been one of the busiest for the industry.It’s also been a time for some dramatic changes in how customers are treated by cardmembers, according to cardmember advocates.The 2017-18 cardmember cycle was the biggest in the industry, according with a total of $3.2 billion spent on cards for the cardmembers of all types of businesses, […]

When Canada Post’s postal service shuts down, how will we know?

The postal service will shut down on Sept. 1 and will cease sending mail starting Oct. 31, Canada Post announced Thursday.The service, which was established in Canada’s 1940s as an industry competitor to the Canadian Post, will no longer offer commercial deliveries.“Canada Post’s business model is now irrevocably broken, and it is not in our interest to continue to operate […]

When you’re looking for your next job, Starbucks is offering you a first-rate job service.

Starbucks is rolling out a new job service called Starbucks First to all employees.The company is using the service to help those looking for work find the right job, as well as provide employees with a first taste of Starbucks life before they move into the next phase of life.The service, which was first rolled out to Starbucks employees in […]

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