Lyft Customer Service Plaza is up to 5% faster than before

The number of times Lyft customers call a customer service line is dropping by about 5% annually, according to data from the company’s customer service app.The data comes from the ride-hailing app’s latest update to the platform.In the past year, Lyft said it saw more than 5 million customer calls and received more than 2.5 million responses, according the company.While […]

How to use the search bar on reddit

You may have noticed that the top bar is actually labeled as “search”.That means that you can search by multiple things, like titles, comments, posts, etc. In this guide, we’ll go over how to search for all of the posts on the subreddit you’re interested in, using a combination of text, pictures, and a list of tags.When you’re finished, feel […]

How to call for help online with IRB

Customers are calling the phone numbers on their service provider’s website and in-person service centers to report issues with the company.In most cases, it’s the IRB.The company has more than 70,000 IRBs in Canada, according to the IRBs Canada Council.But the IRs can be tough to reach.Some people are left to try to call their own IRBs, but many are […]

How to use the Postal Service’s website for postal savings

The Postal Service is offering a coupon code for a postal savings program on their website.The Postal Service website says the program is available through April 31, 2019, and that “a 10% coupon code is available at checkout”.However, the Postal Services website does not give a specific coupon code, so we have to check the date to see what the […]

How to make sure you have a clean carpet for your home

If you’re living with carpet stains or a damaged carpet, you might want to have a look at cleaning the carpet yourself.It’s the ultimate DIY project and you’ll need a few things to make it happen.1.A professional carpet cleanerThis can be done in a shop or a DIY store, or a professional cleaner can be rented.The cleaning is simple, but […]

‘I am a very small person’: I am not only a Fitbit customer but also an ‘intellectual’ and ‘very smart’ person, Axios says

Fitbit says it has reached a $2 billion deal with startup Insys, which provides data analytics for the fitness trackers.Insys, based in San Francisco, will offer Fitbit a cloud-based platform that will allow it to access its vast database of health data.Fitbit, which recently acquired Jawbone, is the first wearable startup to partner with a tech firm that provides data […]

Customer service ‘not worth the money’

Doordash, the second-largest payment provider in Australia after the Australian Pay and Banking Association, has a huge problem on its hands, according to an analysis by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.The bank reported a loss of $5.7 billion on $1.6 billion in revenue in the financial year to March 31.While the company said its results were affected by a “low-cost […]

‘Cigna’s’ oil change service will no longer work for customers who have lost their jobs

Cigna, the US-based retail giant, will no long be able to provide customers with its $12.95 monthly oil change services for the unemployed after a federal judge ruled the service violates the Fair Labor Standards Act.Al Jazeera’s Paul Collins reports from New York.

The first offshore oil spill on record in the U.S. is behind schedule

Oil company PNC Energy is facing new federal scrutiny after an oil spill off the coast of Delaware, officials said Tuesday.The spill, which was first reported Friday, was the first offshore spill in the continental U.A.T. since April 2010 when the company discovered a ruptured oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico.PNC, which is based in Wilmington, Delaware, says the […]

Chase customer service: A service plaza is a large area of a building with one or more rooms, a shower, a toilet and other amenities, for which the customer must sign a lease, typically for 30 days.

Engadgets title Chase: How to set up a service plaza for a new business article Engads ive been following this service plaza story for a while now, but it’s really only just been getting a little bit of attention now.For instance, Chase announced on Tuesday that it is launching a service on its mobile app called Chase Customer Service Plaza […]

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