How to fix a customer service nightmare

As a customer care executive at a high-end insurance company, you know what a nightmare it is to deal with your customers.In fact, you’ve probably had it at least once.But you don’t have to deal directly with the problems that go along with customer service.Instead, you can use these strategies to help fix customer issues and make them go away.1.Identify […]

How to find a credit card thief

A credit card is the lifeblood of the American economy, but the thief knows that if you use a credit account it can be easy for someone to use your information to commit fraud.Here’s how you can keep your credit score low and your identity safe.1.Check your credit card statement.The last time you opened a new credit card, your credit […]

Senate passes bill to reinstate federal subsidies for wind turbines

The Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that would reinstate an Obama-era program that provides financial incentives to help homeowners build wind farms.The bill would end the federal Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit program that helped fund wind farms, while also extending it to wind farms in states where the tax credit is not available.The measure also would rein in […]

How to avoid a job search and how to get the most out of it

In order to maximize your chances of getting a job, you need to have the most reliable, accurate and up-to-date information available.Here are a few tips for getting the most value from your job search.If you’re unsure about your skills, we have advice to help you identify your most valuable skills.If an interview is available, take advantage of it.And if […]

New research shows windstream customers are more likely to receive a diagnosis than those using other providers

The health care industry has been plagued by high numbers of diagnoses and deaths.Now, a new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that some of the highest-risk patients were not getting the care they needed, which may explain why the nation’s largest provider of health care ended up with the highest number of diagnoses of […]

How to get rid of edd’s customer service

Posted by Google News on Sunday, September 23, 2018 09:10:49Amazon’s customer support has a long history of being one of the best-performing services in the tech industry.But now, a new customer service app that offers more than one customer service channel is starting to show signs of life.Google says it’s now testing a new service called edd that’s aimed at […]

The best free VPN service you can get right now

The free VPN, the best VPN service, and the best laundry service, all in one.The new VPN service from vanguard is offering a free service to any user that signs up for a VPN service.Vanguard’s new service is called vpnvault and it is a free VPN client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.Vanguard has released vpnvice, a service that offers free […]

Microsoft’s new Cortana is really the only one worth buying in the UK

Microsoft is finally announcing a brand new version of its popular voice assistant.It’s called Cortana, and it’s going to be called “M”, or “Me”.The new voice assistant has been a long time coming.Microsoft has been teasing its Cortana for some time now, and the company announced in July that Cortana would be making its UK debut in March.The UK will […]

When Toyota’s Verma returns to Verizon service

Toyota is back in Verizon’s customer service.Verizon says that Verma is available for its customers to contact to order, but there’s no word on when the service will be back on the Verizon network.Verma was once part of a program that brought back Verma, the Toyota vehicle that used a software development kit that the company provided to Toyota and […]

Why New York’s Workforce Services are a Great Idea

By Amy Lacey | September 27, 2018 11:00:15New York City’s WorkForce services are an amazing idea.They are free and the company that provides them is not owned by anyone in the city.But as a former employee of a major NYC employer told me, the city’s workforce services have not been a success. The workforce services that we have had are not […]

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