Google Play revenue to be $1.9 billion higher than forecast in fiscal 2018

Amazon’s internal revenue service reported Wednesday that its fiscal 2018 revenue was up by nearly $1 billion, with revenues exceeding expectations.Amazon’s revenue was $5.5 billion lower than analysts’ estimates, but it still came in ahead of the $5 billion the company said it was expecting.That’s a significant improvement from last year, when Amazon had a $4 billion loss.Amazon reported its […]

How to save money on your bank account by using the suntrust credit union

A couple of weeks ago, Suntrust bank in India closed their accounts after the government issued a notice that the bank was violating a rule that prohibits charging credit card users more than Rs.5,000.Now, a couple of months after Suntrust had closed its account, they have returned to the bank.“The bank returned our account after two months as we did […]

Unemployment benefits services is down 3% in July and is expected to fall again by the end of August

Unemployment benefits are down 3%, with the average weekly benefit amount dropping to $2,542.47, a Reuters survey showed on Friday.The latest survey showed that the average monthly unemployment benefit was $2.961 on July 1.On average, the weekly benefits fell to $1,097 on July 3, a decrease of 1.5%.The latest jobless benefits survey showed the unemployment rate rose by 0.4 percentage […]

Which Netflix streaming services have the best customer service?

Free streaming services are great, and they are a must-have for most Netflix subscribers.But there are some services that are just so much better than the competition that they’re worth your attention.Here’s a look at the best Netflix streaming products, including the best price tags and best customer support.We’ve got a wide selection of streaming services available on our website, […]

What to expect from the next major tree removal service in India: What you need to know

The company will operate out of a warehouse, which will house its workers, and will offer “free, high quality” tree removal services, said Shriram Kumar, the company’s CEO.The company’s workers will be trained by the company, and the workers will perform tree removal for the company without any direct supervision, Kumar said.The workers will also get paid with the money […]

Can you help the Hellofresh community by sending a Christmas gift?

The Hellofisher community is a small but growing community that is dedicated to the service of the Holy Grail.The Hell ofisher community of roughly 2,000 people are dedicated to making Hellofish products, including Hellofshack and Hellofreaper.In the Hell ofishers’ eyes, this is the Holy One’s service.If you are interested in helping us, you can contact us by clicking here or […]

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