How to save time on your credit card payments

Moneygram, a mobile app that lets you quickly check out credit card transactions, is going public this week.The company says it will list on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol MTG.The company, founded in 2009, is a subsidiary of PayPal Holdings Inc., which also owns the PayPal mobile app.The app is owned by PayPal’s mobile business unit, which handles the […]

Ford Service: ‘Our goal is to make sure that every person that comes to us has a great experience’

Ford Service, a division of Ford Motor Co., will work with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) to ensure that every customer is able to enjoy the best service in the state.The decision comes in response to a letter from the commission’s chief executive officer, Scott P. Bales, and came just weeks after Gov.Scott Walker signed into law a law […]

‘Wasteful’ federal spending leaves Athens with $5.5bn deficit

The government of Greece is on the brink of insolvency, with a staggering $5 billion deficit.This is due to spending that should be earmarked for the public sector, according to a new report.The country is currently spending nearly a third of its annual budget on pensions and healthcare.But Greece has no plan to pay back the debt it owes to […]

Why the New York Times’ new ad is so bad

The ad for the NYT’s new subscription service is just so bad.It’s a series of stock photos that shows the title of a magazine and then the words “Subscribe Now” in the center.It starts with the words: “NYT subscriptions now include all of our daily print and online stories, along with exclusive content from our journalists and editors.”The ads start […]

How to be the best customer service agent in the world

When it comes to customer service and customer service agents, there are no easy secrets.The secrets can be tough to crack and sometimes they just aren’t worth it.Here are six ways to be a good customer service assistant.1.Understand your market The key to a successful customer service relationship is understanding your market.You can find out where your customers are, who […]

What’s in the new iPhone XS and XS Max?

A new iPhone, the iPhone X, is set to be launched next week, and the US Postal Service is already scrambling to find the perfect service to deliver it.But, while the new iPhones have a lot of good features, there are a lot more in store for the rest of us.Read more about iPhone X here.1 of 5 «Prev 1 […]

How to pay your rent on a credit card

By buying a credit cards you can easily pay your monthly bills.We’ve all done it, but if you’ve only ever done it with a debit card, you may be confused.Read on to learn the basics of paying with a credit or debit card.Read full review What is a credit/debit card?Credit cards are like credit cards in a lot of ways.Like credit […]

Why is the National Weather Service calling for more rain?

RTE 1/13 The National Weather Services are calling for rain across the country this week with forecasters predicting a shower in parts of England and Wales.The NWS has called for up to 6 inches (15cm) of rain across most parts of the UK and parts of Scotland.Rainfall totals will be between 10-12 inches (25-30cm) across much of England.Forecasters said that […]

Which Toyota Service You Need To Know

A recent study found that nearly 40% of Toyota vehicles have been recalled due to a faulty engine.Toyota has been testing the replacement of the Takata airbag inflator, but the company says there is no risk to public safety and says it has found no significant damage to vehicle components.The company is working to resolve the issue, which affected nearly […]

What do you do when your pet is stolen? We want to hear from you!

We know it can be tough to find a trustworthy vet to take care of your pet, and if you’re not sure whether or not your pet deserves help, we want to help.So, we put together this guide to help you get your pet back safely.The following questions are designed to give you a heads-up about what to look for […]

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